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Here you will find samples of my writing, including some original works and some fanfic devoted to various shows and movies.  

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Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic

Three years after the defeat of the East India Trading Company, three years after Jack and Elizabeth parted, fate brings them back AWE, slightly AU. 

No Choice
The choice has been taken out of Elizabeth's hands...just a short AWE.

The Summons
Jack receives a mysterious letter that summons him to a place of fond memories. Set some time after AWE, slightly AU.

Ten Years
It's been ten long years since Will last saw Elizabeth...a lot has changed during that time. Post AWE (continuation of the credits scene), J/E.

He's a Pirate
Elizabeth makes a different alternate ending to COTBP, J/E (includes some reordering of events at the very end of the movie).


Caroline in the City Fanfic

A Fraction of Time
What can happen between two people in just a fraction of time...

DragonLance Fanfic

Takes place after the Chaos War:  Crysania receives an interesting visitor and disappears forever from Krynn.


Original Fiction

During an audition,
Madelyn realizes she has some very serious choices to make. 

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actually is, I reserve the right to duly mock you and share your idiocy with my friends..

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