Once Upon a Time

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I stumbled onto this show in January 2013. I wasn't looking to get get obsessed with anything. I
was just looking for something else to watch on TV. The show sounded interesting. A sort of
mash-up of fairytales with the "real world." And so I added it to Netflix and started to watch it.

From the moment Rumplestiltskin crawld out of the ceiling and the camera panned in on his crazy
face, I knew that I was going to enjoy the show. And I did. The first several episodes were well-
written, fun and interesting. I watched a few episodes every night and enjoyed every moment of it.

But then the 12th episode happened. Skin Deep. And I knew I was in trouble from the moment I
realized that (a) this was the Beauty and the Beast episode and (b) they had cast Rumplestiltskin
as her beast.

I've always been a sucker for Beauty and the Beast stories (see: Phantom of the Opera, see:
DragonLance, even Caroline in the City had the dark brooding artist and the light happy Caroline
as his love interest). So When they made my favorite character the Beast and gave him a love
story, I knew I was gone.

The obsession grew rapidly. From catching up and watching all of the rest of the episodes aired
within a couple days to starting to read fanfiction and then, finally, in April 2013, I started writing
fanfiction. This is always the ultimate proof of an obsession for me. Once I cross that line there's
going back.

And this time there really isn't any going back. I wrote my first fanfiction in April of 2013. Today,
nearly two years later I am still writing fanfiction for the Rumplestiltskin/Belle (aka Rumbelle). I
have two completed multi-chapter works (one 82k, the other 56k), one work in progress
(currently over 60k), and some 90+ one-shots. I have written nearly half a million words for this
pairing. Needless to say, I am as obsessed as they come. Perhaps one might even say this is my
biggest obsession to date. I certainly have never been this prolific!

Read my Once Upon a Time fanfiction

Fate Loves the Fearless (PG)
It's been tradition to foretell the future of those in Maurice's family for as long as he can remember.
When the fairies read Belle's future they see great darkness there: she will bear the Dark One a child.
Her father calls on the Blue Fairy to magically protect her from this fate, sealing her in a tower from
which she can never leave. Years pass until Rumplestiltskin realizes the fairies are hiding something
from him in that tower and he will not stand for that. He intends to deal for whatever is in that tower,
never realizing what fate has in store for him.

Changing the Angle (NC-17)
Prompt from a Tumblr user: Porn actors AU: With Gold as the director, Charming the cameraman,
and Belle and Gaston as the actors. Gold falls in love with her and he’s very jealous of her partners.
Belle can do so much better than porn - she wanted to do normal movies and Gaston led her into
porn - and Gold wants her to feature in a movies with clothes and real acting but their previous
movies pursue them.

Away to Me (NC-17) - Work in Progress
Gold lives on a sheep farm on the outskirts of Storybrooke, Maine. He has always managed the
farm on his own until his ankle is crushed in a terrible accident. Fellow sheep farmer David Nolan
sets out to find someone to help Gold around the farm and stumbles across Belle French, desperate
to find a job to help out her ailing father. She starts just doing odd jobs around the farm, but takes a
keen interest in his relationship with his sheepdogs and so he takes her under his wing and teaches
her the art of herding.

Various other one-shots can be found here.


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