Crysania's Music

Welcome to the page devoted to my own music.  Here you will find a tour through my musical style, MIDI and MP3 files of my completed works (as well as some composition exercises), and information on some in progress works.  So please, enjoy what I have here.  I sincerely hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoyed writing it.

My style

My musical style has often been described as anywhere from "dark" to "depressing".  Yes, I know...That doesn't give too much of a range of emotions, does it?  Truthfully, much of my music falls under these two categories.  But it doesn't encompass my complete style.  The one word that describes the vast majority of my music is "programmatic".  I very rarely write "absolute" music (music for music's sake).  Almost everything I write has a story behind it and each is intensely personal.  If the music turns out to be dark, well, then that was the mood I was trying to convey when writing it.

My musical influences, some stronger than others, range from Beethoven, Shostakovich, Vaughan Williams, and 16th century polyphony  to Japanese New Age artist Kitaro and British musical composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (in the height of his career).

I've tried to describe my actual style before and have come up with only "modern tonality...sometimes."  As with the music of many modern composers, that truly is the most accurate description of the style my music encompasses.  I suppose I'll just let you decide on style.

Evolution of Style: The compositions I currently write were the result of some 12 years of style evolution (that still continues).  The evolution pages take you through my earliest compositions, from my high school years through to my senior year of college.


Compositions: Here you will find some of my completed pieces, including my orchestral masters thesis, Phantoms of the Mind.

Incomplete projects

I currently have part of a piece entitled Night Dances for horn, cello, and piano
up on my site.  You can listen to
Movements I, II, and III in MIDI format.

I also have some interesting composition exercises online.

Thank you to anyone who is reading this, for my music is certainly nothing if it has
no listeners.  If you would like to
E-Mail Me with any comments, please feel free to do so.

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