Irish Traditional Music

(Pictured is David Deacon, banjo, and Jonathan Chai, fiddle,
during a session at Kitty Hoyne's, Syracuse, NY -- for more
information on the local session scene, please contact me)

In March of 2003, I stumbled into the Irish music scene.  I started playing the whistle that month and discovered I had some talent for it.  The instrument wasn't entirely foreign to me after all...I've been playing clarinet for over 25 years now and used to play recorders for Renaissance music.  In May of that year, I started to attend sessions (a gathering of Irish musicians where we hang around, usually in a bar, share some great tunes, laughs, and drinks).  When I moved home to Syracuse in August 2004, I got heavily involved in the scene, playing sessions nearly every weekend and playing the occasional gig.  In 2005, I picked up the bodhran (an Irish frame drum) and play that as well.  It's become a lifestyle and the entire focus of my social life.  My partner plays the music.  My friends play the music.  It's become a huge part of who I am.

Over the course of the past few years, I've bought many albums and seen many great bands.  My favourites among those I have seen are Solas, Lunasa, Teada, Liz Carroll, and Natalie MacMaster.  I've also had the honour of seeing Boys of the Lough (the very first Irish trad band I saw), Altan, Brian Conway, and many others.


Some of my favourite Irish trad links:

Solas: the band's website

Lunasa: the band's website

Liz Carroll: a great fiddler, her site includes some jpg files of her own tunes

Natalie MacMaster: a great Cape Breton fiddler

Serendipity: a great article on Seamus Egan from the magazine, Dirty Linen

NPR - Solas Live in Studio 4A: a lovely interview with Solas

The Session: a website for sharing tunes, recordings, and discussing Irish trad music

Chiff and Fipple: a website devoted to the wonderful whistle...also has a message board for discussion on whistle, flute, uilleann pipes, and Irish music in general

Legendary Irish Fiddlers: has mp3 files of the old guys' playing

Irish Fiddlers of Today: has mp3 files of modern fiddlers' playing


Some more pictures of my favourite performers:
(click on the pictures to see larger versions)

Solas Lunasa Seamus Egan


John Carty Liz Carroll & Joyn Doyle Natalie MacMaster


Teada Boys of the Lough Kevin Crawford


Brian Conway Altan Danu


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