Friends' Links


                                I thought it was about time to provide links to my friends' pages.  They've always been so good to me, 
                                stopping by the site, e-mailing, catching up on Livejournal and Facebook, and just generally lending their support
                                whenever they could.  So here, finally is a page devoted to my friends' web pages.  Please stop by their sites and
                                check out who they are and what they do!

                                ***Note: The listings in each section are in alphabetical order, simply to be fair to everyone!!!***


Professional Pages
Though some of these also contain personal information and pictures, these sites are mostly dedicated to various professional and artistic pursuits.

Crystal Moon Creations: Crystal Sage's page selling jewelry, crystals, tarot, and magickal gifts...go check it out...she has some truly beautiful items for sale.

Gonzai Gallery: A collection of art and writing by Gonzai, including the infamous winged dog collection. 

Jennifer Linforth: Author of historical fiction and romance, member Romance Writers of America and the Historical Novel Society. Information on her books expanding upon Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera can be found here (including updates and signings), in addition to information on other works of historical fiction and historical romance.

Minstrosity: Musical Mayhem for All Occasions: Josephine Marie Thane's band, Minstrosity is a mix of traditional, folk, and original music...check out the section on recordings where you can order their CDs

Monica Shriver: The professional website of Monica Shriver, a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, and artist living in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Her website lists upcoming gigs, information on her studio, and contact information if you're interested in securing one of her groups for your event or becoming her student.  Check it out!

Raphael's Phantom Artwork Archive: The beautiful artwork of Romil Ilagan (aka "Raphael") can purchase some of his lovely artwork in the "Shop" section. From bodypainting to writing to music, this site contains a variety of Rick Mills' professional interests...specifically check out the bodypainting links.  I find them fascinating!

Artistic Pages
While all of the above were also artistic sites, they were also professional so they were listed separately.  The following sites are purely artistic expressions.

The Angel's Kingdom: Angel's very lovely webpage...specifically read the stories by her and Kathryn.  They're wonderful!

Glimpses of a Visual Art -- Post Production and New Media: Davonna's visual art site...her digital art and black and white photos are especially striking

John Nugent's Webpage: The homepage of John, a composer and arranger...includes his professional and theatrical resumes, as well as some other interests of his.

That Funny Hill: Jackie Hewitt's lovely site features beautiful photographs of Glastonbury.

Personal Pages
These pages are entirely personal endeavours.  While they may have some artistic content, their purpose is to give an impression of the creator of each site.

The Den: Lonewulf's personal site, includes sections on a variety of his interests, such as the paranormal, martial arts, metaphysics, and computers.

Josephine Marie Thane's Homepage: Josephine (of Minstrosity fame) has her personal page as well, includes sections on her musical, photographic, and religious interests, as well as some more personal information.

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