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Welcome and thank you for visiting my humble little corner of the universe.  This page is to let you know a little about me and my interests.

I was grew up in Syracuse, NY, moved away to Indiana for school, but have since returned to Syracuse.  I live in a flat in the city with my husband, David, and my dog, Dahlia.  Two of our best friends (and their cats, Orion and Layla) live in the upstairs flat, thus making it one awesome house to live in.

Below you will find a little bit about some of my major interests in life.


For much of my life, my main interest has always been music.  I grew up just a few blocks away from my high school and could hear the marching band rehearse in the evening.  Something about that magical sound floating on the air in the crisp fall weather always called out to me and I decided at a fairly young age I wanted to be a part of it.  I started singing in the school choir in 3rd grade and started clarinet in 4th.  In 11th grade, I began Eb Clarinet, which was my true musical love.

My entire life throughout high school, and later college, revolved around classical music.  I took private lessons, participated in many ensembles (marching band, wind ensemble, orchestra, choir, chamber ensembles, the Syracuse Symphony Youth Orchestra, and attended Syracuse's Summerfame Music program), got involved in the school musicals and plays.  In college, I also joined the Renaissance Band and got to learn to properly play recorder and crumhorn.

I studied music in school, first obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Music theory/history, then a Master's degree in Composition.  I went on for a doctorate in composition and theory (minor in musicology) but have, to this date, not been able to finish.  A series of unfortunate events has derailed my progress.

In some ways, I'm ok with this.  I'm not so certain at this point in life that academia is for me.  I enjoy teaching (and currently teach music appreciation and basic music theory courses at a local community college), but I don't think I'm really meant to be an academic.  I have rather varied interests and all of those combined keep me busy and fairly happy.

My main musical interest has become Irish traditional music.  In 2003, I took up penny whistle and began to regularly play at sessions.  After a move home, I got even more involved and in 2005, picked up the Bodhran (an Irish frame drum).  I now regularly play both at local sessions and the occasional gig.  I met my "partner in crime" through the music, as well as many great friends, and so it's ultimately brought so much to my life.

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  The West Genesee "Wildcat" Marching Band


I am a dog person.  There's no denying this.  I grew up with dogs.  I've spent my life always having a dog around.  They followed me home on my paper route (and, in fact, I generally knew the names of dogs better than I knew the names of the people who owned them); they showed up on my doorstep when they needed help.  In May of 2008, David and I adopted our first dog, a lovely Border Collie mix named Dahlia.  She's the joy of our lives.  The other dog joy in my life is Teri, my parent's little white mutt (some sort of poodle mix).  I am currently heavily involved in canine agility with Dahlia. We've been training for over four years now at a wonderful and very positive facility and my sweet dog who lacked confidence has gained so much. She has a few agility titles and a whole new lease on life!

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  The Spotted Tongue: A blog devoted to Dahlia and dog-related issues

  Diary of a Dog Transporter: A blog devoted to my transportring


Ever since I was young, one of my dreams was to be an author.  I spend a lot of time writing and thinking up plots, but rarely finish anything.  Most of my completed works are up on this website.  Much of my current writing is fanfic -- stories based in  another person's world (be it movie, musical, or TV show).  I've written mainly in the Once Upon a Time, Phantom of the Opera and Pirates of the Caribbean universes.  In November 2007, I won NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) with a Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic called Retribution. I also won NaNoWriMo in 2008 and again in 2009 with two different original ideas that I may someday develop into a real novel and won it again in 2013 and 2014 with Once Upon a Time fanfic.

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In recent years, I've gotten into photography.  I used to enjoy taking the occasional photograph, but I was never really "into" photography.  Since obtaining a good digital camera in 2006, I have gotten more and more interested in photography as an art. My current camera is a Sony A580 DSLR with a rather large variety of lenses (my favorites are the Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 and the Minolta 135mm f/2.8 prime lens). I have become the photographer for our agility facility and so have many photos of Dahlia and the other dogs there.

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